Frequently Asked Questions

Signs of wear are not charged or only partially charged taking into account the use period and age of the vehicle. Above average use and damage will be charged in full. Details can be found in the catalogue of damages.

We inspect the vehicles inside and outside considering age, use and kilometrage. We carry out a visual inspection, which includes a detailed examination of the body and the interior. We also carry out a functional check. Any defects or anomalies that are inconsistent with the original condition or scope will be identified and photographed. The defects are divided into above-average wear, damage and signs of wear and the customer is accordingly charged proportionally, fully or not at all.

The customer share is charged depending on the information and agreement with the lessor. This information is stored in our system in a matrix.

A vehicle is allowed to have signs of wear depending on age and use. SwissExperts only points out these signs of wear. In the case of very pronounced signs of wear, they are also documented with a picture.

We inspect the vehicles inside and outside considering age, use and kilometrage. Defects exceeding normal wear and tear or in the case of clear damage or improper use will be charged in full.

To commission a report just register on our webpage  as a customer. This gives you access to our system and allows you to select the services that best suit your needs.

The way in which the expert report is carried out determines its price. Will it take place on site or at one of our locations? Is a complete status analysis with loss calculation and current value determination etc. needed? These factors have a significant impact on pricing. We would be happy make you a non-binding offer. Contact us!

Often it is not enough to mark the damage and especially its extent using only marker arrows. Using a pen allows the length and actual size of a damage to be seen more clearly.

SwissExperts uses water-soluble “chalk-based” pens to mark the damage to the vehicle. There is currently no gentler, alternative solution for marking on the vehicle. The paint is not affected by these markings, and they are easy to remove.

We recommend using window cleaner, soapy water or similar gentle products. For vehicles that have a light paint finish, which may already be a bit weathered, SwissExperts recommends paint cleaner or market polishes, as the residue in this case can be a little more persistent.

Never use nitro thinner or other chemical-based thinners to remove the residue!


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