The following damage catalog explains the details of our evaluation.

Damage catalog

Assessment guidelines

Signs of wear (acceptable)

Signs of wear arise from the proper use of the vehicle (PW or NFZ) depending on the age and kilometrage of a vehicle.

Damage cost share

Above-average wear results in costs which exceed those associated with normal signs of wear. Depending on the age and kilometrage of a vehicle, pro-rated costs are charged instead of the full costs. An assessment matrix forms the basis for this calculation.

Damage (not acceptable) 100%

Damage results from improper use of the vehicle and is considered avoidable. The full costs will be charged in the event of such damage.


The assessment process is carried out on-site at the vehicle. It is an actual state analysis of the vehicle. SwissExperts AG acts as a neutral expert and merely ensures that the condition of the vehicle is competently demonstrated. The assessment is in the competence of the expert.


We inspect the vehicles inside and outside considering age, use and kilometrage. We carry out a visual inspection, which includes a detailed examination of the body and the interior. We also carry out a functional check. Any defects or anomalies that are inconsistent with the original condition or scope will be identified and photographed.


We calculate the prices per damage with the usual loss calculation programs. If necessary, an allowance is deducted and the necessary depreciation matrix is ​​added.


We determine the time value of a vehicle based on age, mileage and accessories, as well as economic factors and model penetration and life cycle. In addition to the theoretical calculation, effective market data is also included in our calculations in order to obtain a result that is as close as possible to the market. Up-to-date B2B and B2C auction and stock market data are constantly being consulted.