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    Our experts check the vehicles inside and outside, taking into account age and kilometrage. We carry out a visual inspection, which includes a detailed examination of the body and the interior. And we also carry out a functional check. Any defects or anomalies that are inconsistent with the original condition or scope are identified and photographed. That ensures everything is orderly.


    We create meaningful return-transfer protocols for leasing and rental vehicles. Detailed and neutral documentation of the condition of the vehicle provides an optimal basis for all parties involved in order to ensure transparency and avoid subsequent discrepancies. Make sure everything is in order!


    We can assess liability, hull, parking and glass damages either directly at your site or at one of our locations. The damages determined and discussed with the expert in the presence of both parties. And they can be evaluated directly using state-of-the-art tools (tablet and online technology). Neutral and independent.


    Our experts determine the current value of a vehicle based on age, economic factors, kilometrage and accessories as well as model penetration and life cycle. In addition to the theoretical calculation, effective market data is also included in our calculations in order to obtain a result that is as close as possible to the market. Current B2B and B2C auction and stock market data is constantly consulted for the evaluations. We take care of it for you.


    We can carry out spot checks and quality checks of work carried out directly at your site or at one of our locations as needed. On the basis of a cost check, which can be either periodic or complete, we determine whether your suppliers have carried out and charged the requirements as agreed in compliance with the framework conditions. So everything is correct!


    Before the vehicle is returned to the lessor, we inspect your vehicle and advise you transparently and neutrally about what should be repaired in advance prior to return. We also support you in selecting the right partner for the repairs. That ensures you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.



The assessment process is carried out on-site at the vehicle. It is an actual state analysis of the vehicle. SwissExperts AG acts as a neutral expert and merely ensures that the condition of the vehicle is competently demonstrated. The assessment is in the competence of the expert.


We inspect the vehicles inside and outside considering age and mileage. A visual inspection is carried out, which includes a detailed inspection of the body and the interior. We also carry out a functional check. Any defects or anomalies that are inconsistent with the original condition or scope will be identified and photographed.


We calculate the prices per damage with the usual loss calculation programs. If necessary, an allowance is deducted and the necessary depreciation matrix is ​​added.


Determiniamo il valore temporale di un veicolo in base a età, chilometraggio e accessori, nonché fattori economici, penetrazione del modello e ciclo di vita. Oltre al calcolo teorico, nei nostri calcoli vengono inclusi anche dati di mercato efficaci al fine di ottenere un risultato il più vicino possibile al mercato. Le aste e i dati borsistici aggiornati B2B e B2C vengono costantemente consultati.


The following catalogue of damages explains the details of our assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the damages charged?

Signs of wear are not charged or only partially charged taking into account the use period and age of the vehicle. Above average use and damage will be charged in full. Details can be found in the catalogue of damages.

What are the criteria for a 100% charge?

We inspect the vehicles inside and outside considering age, use and kilometrage. Defects exceeding normal wear and tear or in the case of clear damage or improper use will be charged in full.

What is the purpose of marking the vehicle with pens?

Often it is not enough to mark the damage and especially its extent using only marker arrows. Using a pen allows the length and actual size of a damage to be seen more clearly.

How are is the customer share calculated?

The customer share is charged depending on the information and agreement with the lessor. This information is stored in our system in a matrix.


„We really appreciate our long-term cooperation with SwissExperts! As experienced professionals in the field of neutral vehicle assessments, they provide us with clear, transparent and high-quality condition reviews and meet our high expectations in every respect.“

” SwissExperts provided us optimal support in process implementation with a decentralised solution. We really appreciate the way SwissExperts meets our needs. We look forward to working together again.”

“SwissExperts always shows its commitment and strives to meet our needs. That means we can continue to develop together. We value our many years of partnership with SwissExperts.”


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