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But the tar sands' continued appeal, combined with predictions of a recovery in demand for oil, could raise the issue again, and sooner than many expected.

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from, which it may be found possible to extract cocaine either directly or by chemical transformation;

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This chapter gives examples of processes of ethnicisation in nation-making in different countries or regions, the Balkans or India among others

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used in enteral feeding in health care institutions, including Jevity, Glucerna 1.2 Cal, Glucerna 1.5

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that look like them, have the same conditions or concerns that they do, and ones that received the same

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work enough thereby depriving the plaintiff of his/her rightful high citation index… Possibilities

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dient zo kort mogelijk te duren. "Mourt's Relation", published in London in 1622, tersely reports

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Waxman) worked together in 1997 to provide manufacturers with an incentive to test these drugs in children

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Before the conference started, I spoke to the head patent counsel of a well-known bio/pharma company

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(He drove me everywhere) Anyway, enough complaining

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we can to make sure students and educators are safe in our schools," Dennis Van Roekel, president of the

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Pressure can mount on the ED physician to prescribe an analgesic in this scenario

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